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I (heart) life. The Arts is my passion in life- Dancing, Modeling and of course Music (in which makes dancing the art that it truly is :) However, it’s dancing that has given me many opportunities. I am a Ballroom/Latin Dancer as well as a Hip-Hop dancer. I ♥ modeling and acting just as much. I enjoy good friendships, good company, family, music & playing my guitar :) I earned 3 degrees in college: Bachelor of Science degree in international Business, a Master’s degree in Finance and went to Law School and earned my Juris Doctorate degree in Criminal Law. I was born and raised in the beautiful islands of Puerto Rico and lived in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. for 12 years.

I am well-cultured, quick witted, intelligent, considerate and humorous. I’m blessed with a substantial amount of common sense & most say “too smart” for my own good :) I am confident, tolerant, loving, realistic, big-hearted and completely uninterested in shallow pretentious people. I am naturally curious and analytical, which makes me pretty adventurous and willing to try almost anything once. I am also very driven, ambitious, determined and dedicated – qualities that permeate every aspect of my life. I have broad tastes and interests. My partner in life is someone willing to jump out of a plane with me (spontaneous), then relax, watch the sunset and just cuddle (romantic and a lover). If there is a way to be outgoing and tranquil at the same time, I’m it! It’s important to live life to the fullest as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring…or if it will be here, but still have a good outlook and presence for the future. And as ALWAYS: Remember to….ROCK ON….well Puerto ROCK as they know it :)

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  1. This is so sad I didn’t know Debbie but I have followed this on the news and that X-BOYFRIEND is heartless, who could do this to anyone? but it’s not for us to judge he will some day have to stand in front of the lord and he will judged My heart goes out to the family and friends Debbie is in good hands now looking down on all the strangers (like me) that feel like they have become friends with her and her family she will never be for gotten by the world!!!!! I know Debbie will be standing right beside our Lord the day her killer comes for judgement day, she will help decide on his punishment and his day will come!!!!!! God be with Debbie’s family and friends in this time of need. Sad in Las Vegas

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